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The Unexpected Letter

the unexpected letter

the unexpected letter

My sweetheart, my beloved Sofia

I can imagine you now cutting the letter and throwing it down, I know you are right, I’ve been always bad person and don’t know how to deal with any situation, but you feel deep inside that I do love you, and I sacrificed a lot for your sake, but now you have to read what I’ve wrote… for the last time!

You have the right to blame me, this will be the last time your hear about me, I’ve decided to write this letter so you can love me, and forgive my absence, my rudeness, and my careless. I’ve been affected by a serious disease, a  contagious one as the doctors told me.

Please Darling, don’t let your father say rumors about me, the only reason that kept me away was that contagious disease, and I have only a few days before everything… ends!

I will always love you, and I’ll pray for you everyday from the heaven…

Your sorrowful mother


The Unexpected Letter


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