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Daily Prompt: Freedom of Facebook


If facebook prevented violence images or hate speech, would violence or hatred never exist anymore in our real world? I don’t think so, but I feel that we all own the desire not to watch those daily violent images on real, than on tv, and when we try to have some fun on facebook will be faced by the same violence and hate online! It’s unacceptable to see all day and night the non mercy of humans everywhere!

I can’t handle violence images on tv, and I aviod watching news all the time, and for sure, there are many people who think the same way I do. We have the right to feel comfortable when surfing the internet, and to never face hurtful images.

I do encourage facebook to enforce guidelines not to show violence and hate online, although I believe that we need to live in a fair world, in a way or anorher.

Remember: think and comment "out of the box"

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