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English: SHARP Smartphone SH-12C Front 日本語: AQ...

English: SHARP Smartphone SH-12C Front 日本語: AQUOS PHONE SH-12C 前面 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, well, well, interesting challenge. First of all, who can imagine his life today without this connecting equipment? For me, I can’t live anymore without my smart phone, and I believe nobody can!

But let’s go backward for a while, before the launching of those smart phones, didn’t every one of us got involved with phones when they have been available years ago? We, as human beings have the need for getting engaged in new media, this is the normal progess for humans.

What about smartphone?  It makes our lives easier and more connected with the external world. This is a fact, but the way we get involved with this progress is what matters. As for my experience with smartphone, it’s not a curse at all, on the contrary, it made me closer with my abodanat friends. It made me more engaged with the Internet world, but in a positive way, really it didn’t affect my real social life.

Most of the time, I am away from my laptop, and I need to check my twitter, facebook, blog, instagram, and whatsapp,  so my smartphone is here and available. Of course, when I am with people, I don’t use my phone, I still own that respect for connecting with people personally.

So, it’s not smartphones that affects our real and personal relationships, it’s our ability to equilibrium between our needs and our negative addiction to new technology.

N.B: this post was written on my samsung smartphone.

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