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Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

artist in turkey

artist in turkey (Photo credit: Maria & Michal P.)


Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?


To be honest, sometimes it makes a difference with me when I know the artist’s political view. I have tried many times turning a blind eye about the artist’s point of view, so that I can make a fair judgment, but it doesn’t work all the time! What I prefer when it comes to art, that the artist doesn’t have to tell people about his political opinion, because it is really not important. I mean what’s the point for an artist to tell others what he really thinks, if he can’t change the situation? Unless if he is engaged in politics world in some way or another, here, he have to be obvious, otherwise he will look as a liar! For me, it matters for me, because I have my own opinions and principles that I’ll never give up.


There is another thing, it’s the way the artist says his opinion, if he talks in a provocative way, I’ll never listen to him again or even see his art or listen to his work! Also, when it comes to a situation that you live in or affected by, you have the right to refuse the opposite opinion, because it is you who are influenced in.







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