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Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

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The Cover

There is a number of books I’ve read that really left an impact on me, which makes me able to read them again and again. One of these books is an Arabic novel called “America” by the Lebanese Novelist Rabie Jaber, published on 2009, and was one of the winners for the short listed for the Arab Booker Prize on 2010.

The novel is about a Lebanese wife who decided to travel to America on 1913, in order to follow her husband after a year with no news about him. The wife was named as Martha, and her husband’s name is Khalil Hadad, well known in New York, from his very beginning. The story was written with exciting incidents that Martha faced, surely not alone, she met other Lebanese People there who run away from Lebanon at that time which was known as Mount Lebanon.

The way the novelist tells us the story made me sad every time I found that I am coming to the end of the story, really! I got in love with the characters of the novel; by the way its a real story. I don’t prefer novels with so many details, especially bored details, but here in this book, it was amazing reading the story of real people who do exist. I have not to forget to mention that its all about the novelist himself who have an amazing way in telling the story, and the way he combines the incidents with each other.

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