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This week The Daily Post challenge is asking if watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? The direct respond is NO! God has created the human beings with good and evil percentages, although God gives us brain to decide what to be? Good or Evil? Do I believe in evil? Of course, the world is full of good people and evils too, who decides to be an evil person, here is the point! I said “decide” because I insist on the idea of that people know what is right and what is false, our brain analyses every behavior and shows the road that this behavior or that will lead to.

This introduction to say that evil could be presented in many ways, and violence is one of these way. Violence is an evil’s reaction, the world is full of violence, so violence is real, and people react in a violence way because of the evil inside. I believe that movies reflects the reality that we live, it picks up the mask that we put in our real lives, and movies or novels bare us from our ugly. Bad people do not need inspiration to be violent toward others, their personalities store violence and hurt, because of that I think movies are a way of personification of real world. Don’t you think that evil people exist in real world?

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