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Daily Prompt: Companionable

Marco’s post was about continue in blogging if no body is reading. I think that every writer or blogger do have readers! Thats what I believe in, even if those readers do not communicate with the author of the blog. In some way what we write makes sense for others, specially those who blog about real life stories. The one who insist on writing for a long time and never came disapointed, will get readers. But there is an important point that I like to focus on; its CONTINUITY.  In order to have sincere readers, we as bloggers have to keep  on writing continuously, in this way our readership will grow up. As a reader and follower of many blogs, when I see that a blogger is not updating his or her blog regularly, I will loose my interest for waiting new posts, and normally unsubscribe. That’s the relationship between blogger and reader.

This is my entry for daily prompt: companionable

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