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A Call from The Past

Its 3:00 pm somewhere, Suzi is lying down after a busy and tired day, waiting her son to arrive from school, suddenly the phone rings. Suzi wasn’t expecting anybody at that time, her family and acquaintances know her rest time and no one bother her at that time, even though nobody calls her. Suzi made no reaction, just edited her sit, and picked up the phone. Before she respond, a confused voice interrupted her answer : Suzi? are you Suzi?

Yes, this is Suzi, can I help you? Suzi replied.

Am,…, can we meet?we need to see each other and talk! The voice answered.

Suzi muttered repeating what the confused voice said “we need to see each other and talk”, who are you sir? Do I know you?!

You didn’t recognize my voice my sweetheart?

Sweetheart?! what the hell are you saying? I am not your sweetheart and I don’t know you, now who’s the hell kidding me at this time?!

Calm down Suzi, I am…

You are what, Hah? and don’t tell me to calm down, you’ve bothered my rest time, and you are asking me to calm down! Suzi yelled.

Ok, ok, I am your father, Bob!! the voice became more confused and afraid because of Suzi’s yelling.

My (who)? my father? my father had died a long time ago, and now I am busy, I have to end this silly call!

This a fiction story for today’s prompt!

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