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History of language, History of Madness


Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Language has been founded since the human was founded, it is a parallel relation. I imagine when someone got mad of his or her partner, the first language has appeared!

As mentioned in Oxford Dictionaries, Language is defined as the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting the usage of words in a structured and conventional way. We all know that there are complicated and uncounted theories about the origin of language, maybe no one will know in the future, but still I can imagine the first fight between couple or friends that lead to founding language.

Humans characteristics differ from one to another, and madness is one of these characteristics. I think you all will agree with me that getting mad can’t be done “silently”! We have to express our mad in words, in a way that we can say all the things needed to be said, honestly! Its healthy to tell others about things that makes you loose your mind, otherwise, silence will kill you, that’s why language has been invented!

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