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Daily Prompt: Press It

Actually, there are more than three posts that I’ve liked in the past week, but I’ll try to mention three of the best posts I’ve read last week. I am subscribing in many blogs; either for writing or those for photography, one of the photography blogs I am following is Piteira Photography. Last week the blog’s photographer posted a photo session for engagement of Robyn & Nicky, incredible  photos, the simplicity and naturalness of the couple impressed me. There are too many photographers around the world, and they really have a talent, but few of them impress me. My passion for photography goes on a specific perception, simplicity is an important element for successful photography, thats my opinion.

simplicity, photography

simplicity is the key for successful photography

The second blog post I’ll mention is in Live to write – Write to Live blog, its really an interesting worth reading blog. Last week, an interesting post was published titled: Secrets of Successful Freelance Writers – Part 2 of 2, it was useful post, at least for me as a freelance writer. The post talks about the secrets of successful freelance writers which are pointed by: studying our craft through searching for wide resources either online or through books, creating our own system, paying attention to the details, and at last providing over-the-top service. All the published posts in Live to write blog are useful and helpful and I got benefit of them, these posts are a guide for every freelance writer.

The last post blog that I’ll talk about here is at LooknWalk blog. I don’t want to pick a specific post because of the fact that I enjoy every post Alex and Cristina publish, really its an attractive blog. The couple talk about their travels, photos, daily life, and their good and bad times.

For more entries of sharing love here are some other entries:

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