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State of the Mess

Ohhhh! From where should I begin?!

Satellite image of Lebanon in March 2002.

Satellite image of Lebanon in March 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in the “State of Mess“, yes, its LEBANON. Its a matter of confusion to know where should I start from, as you all know our country is affected by regional and international affairs, I believe that Lebanon has been put in a way to have no stability. Starting with the struggle of 18 sects, and not ending with the general venality! Anyway there should be a place to start from, and I’ll try to focus on a specific issue that really interests us the youth in this STATE OF THE MESS!

When we register in a university, every one choses the major that expresses his aspirations, seeking for a dream-life job, but the disaster starts when the graduates began to seek for jobs that fits every one competence. Because of the political and social corruption rampant  in the state’s sectors, the only factor that dominates is political and party nepotism. Unemployment spreads in the youth age, which lead them either to immigration or loss; drug abuse, crimes, and homelessness. Well, here comes the state’s duty, the government’s duty, and the politician’s duty towards the state’s citizens, especially towards the youth to handle the responsibility of hiring every one to the job based on their competencies, not their political or party nepotism.

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