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! Its a Baby

Most of the time I stay up at nights till 2:00a.m, sometimes more when I am reading a book before sleeping. At that night I felt sleepy at 10:00 p.m, so I decided to go to bed early. Usually I don’t turn the phone silent at night, except that night. My family knows that I don’t sleep before 2:00 A.M or 2:30 a.m so when my sister travel with her husband, they call me, in order to reassure me about their safety, so I will tell my parents at morning.

That night I slept immediately , after I turned my phone to silent mode, my sister and her husband were in the country, so no need to still awake to wait their call. While sleeping an annoying light penetrate through my closed eyes, accompanied with a vibration. I opened my eyes, hold the phone to see a whatsapp message poping out, for the first glance I didn’t recognize what the photo was about, its dark. After few seconds starring at the phone, I recognized my sister’s profile photo, came out of my bed, switched the light room on and sit again, with a concentrated look at the photo again, Oh my God, its an Embryo Scanner!!! I didn’t know what to do, my sister wasn’t able to wait for her next visit to us, she planned to make us a surprise, but that night she wasn’t able to sleep, finally after 5 years of getting married, she is pregnant.

What happened after I received the photo? You can imagine!

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