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Stop this crime against Palestinian citizens by IOF

Jerusalem, Plestine, Occupation

source: Occupied Palestine Blog

Stop this crime against Palestinian citizens by IOF. Palestinian citizens are forced to demolish their own homes!

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jerusalemite citizen, Azzam Afifi, demolished his house, on Wednesday, to avoid his arrest or pay fine, in context of the occupation’s continuing restriction policy against Jerusalemites.

The Israeli Municipal Court in Occupied Jerusalem has ordered the demolition of Afifi’s house under the pretext of being constructed without permit.

Afifi said that he is forced to demolish his house built on 50 square meters due to the Municipal Court’s order.

He pointed out that the demolition order was issued in October 2010 where he was forced to tear down part of his own home. However, the court has ordered again in May 2012 to demolish the whole house, giving him a respite of 60 days or he will be jailed or fined.

He added that during the demolition process he rented a house for the seven members of his family in Issawiya town because his house is no longer habitable, noting that it was built over a very old house which he owns.

Source: Occupied Palestine Blog

Please sign the Petition on Causes, there are more cases on the page.

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