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Daily Prompt: Twenty Five

blue clouds by: alexindigo

blue clouds by: alexindigo

The challenge for Today is to not use a specific letter in this post for The Daily Post Blog. I guess its easy to write a post without a letter! At least we could be cautious in a way we never use that letter. What do you think? Guess that even we shouldn’t tell about!

When I was checking what my fellow bloggers wrote about this challenge, I liked what was posted in Spirit Lights in the Way about what a post that she read, I checked also her biography and was inspired by her will to become a freelance writer and she achieved it. Like me, I have a dream to be a writer, a novelist indeed, and I believe I will be someday. I’ve finished my first novel two years ago, editing it from time to time, so when publish time is on, the novel will be near to perfect, it should be!

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Remember: think and comment "out of the box"

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