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Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

Year 2003, the coin I have went back to issuing in 2003. Well, I was studying History in the Lebanese University, as I remember it was the third year in Bachelor of History. I have had many memories of that year, my classes, my instructors, and my colleagues. Memories of that year comes back as if the whole thing is happening now, my university was in Beirut, and I used to attend every day except Saturdays and Sundays, usually these two days are our holiday.

 I spent Four years in this university, the system of exams was once at the end of the year not credits system as Today.  The attendance wasn’t necessary in all courses, you know history doesn’t require much explanation, it doesn’t need more than reading and understanding what had happened. The classes were full of students, about 100 student in a single class! There was few interesting hours depending on the instructor himself, who didn’t make us bored of the subject. Few instructors who really tells the history as if it is an interesting story that we should know.

That year 2003 was an interesting year in my whole life, I have learnt a lot, got more involved with History.

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