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I have always dreamt to have my own business and not any business, I don’t like working in a bank or a company especially that my interests are far away from economics or accounting. Don’t be surprised! Actually my dream is to be a writer, having my own books, and this dream accompanied by my life since many years ago. When the instructor asked us to begin our own business, immediately my mind burned with the ideas that I have always been thinking of. “Library” was the first idea that came to my mind when I decided to write about my own business, and its name will be BISAN!

That was the introduction for Entrepreneurship course project two years ago, and this what had came to my mind when I read the prompt for today. My project was ready but it needed a land to be built in and financial resources, now that these essentials are available, so its time to work…

Description of business:

Those who love reading and don’t have the opportunity to be at a calm place in order to practice his interests, now he can sit, read the book that most satisfies his interests or aspirations, and have a rest with a cup of coffee in the coffee shop.  Also this library can go on a partner with universities among the region because in the South there is a lack of libraries.

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2 thoughts on “Bisan Library

  1. A private library is an interesting concept. I could see how it could work especially if you offered magazines or material that can usually only be found at university or major hospitals for people who want to do research. You could also offer material that other .places do not offer.according to need..

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