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Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I don’t remember when did I have had a nightmare last time, but I do remember one of my scariest nightmares I have ever had!

Cats are the most hatred animals for me, they really make me afraid when I saw them, I feel like they are looking at me, staring their eyes on mine, as if they are challenging me!!! I think I suffer from PHOBIA CATS, and it seems that cats know that because they insist to scare me. This phobia had followed me since I was younger, every time I saw a cat on the street, I run away, I feel that its running behind me, I feel that, I really do!

You know when we got afraid from something and think all the time about it, it follows us to our dreams, and thats what happened with me. I can’t forget that nightmare from years ago, I am sitting on the front seat near the driver, I see nothing in the dream, only me and a cat near my feet, and I am crushing it! Oh, I can not go on, sorry I have no ability to continue that SCARIEST NIGHTMARE, as if its happening right now.

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