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Far From Normal

Well, well, well… I have been thinking for half an hour about responding to this prompt. I thought what could be said about my unique and exiting things about myself! Like other people, a very normal person, have an ordinary life, not what I dreamed out, but it’s ok, someday it will be as I whisper for myself mostly.

As I took a step back, I realized that I am really abnormal for several reasons:

Honest: If you look around, you will hear lies, there are few people who tell the truth, others NO
Natural:  People today are similar and photocopies because of plastic surgeries
Promise: I meet my obligations and never run away
Sincere: Keep other’s secrets safe, and never tell or spread them
True Friend (does not need explanations)
Sensitive: Never hurt others to not be hurt

The material world we live in, the above things I listed classify me as an abnormal person where principles have been opposite to people’s standards.

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