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Loud and Proud

Whenever someone told us that he or she is proud of what we are doing, we whisper: I am taking the right road. But there are people that do effect in us, we do care about their impressions towards what we do or achieve. My mother is the essential person that I do care about her reactions about what I do, or have been doing in the last period. I insist to do things in a way that comforts her and make her proud of me. Actually, I believe that whatever is she not comfort to, never happens! Truly, never happens, or happen in a sadly way.

On the occasion of this prompt, Yesterday my friend sent me a facebook message to tell me that she passed by the blog and she liked the way I express myself, loved my blog’s profile, and wished me luck. I respect those who like what I write, and express it without jealousy or hatred. The ones who don’t get shy of clicking on the like or comment bottom, everyone should know that no one is going to steal others’ positions!

It’s nice to tell others from time to time that they are doing great job, and that we are proud of them.

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