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I have a lot of things to say, to talk about, and to express myself.

That’s why my blog “Bissan” is here! I choose the name of the blog referring to the occupied Palestinian village “Bissan”, not the name what matters, but the concept itself. I am an Arabian Nationalist, I belong to the whole Arab World, I believe in Arab Unity in one country and Palestine is the major issue that I care about and believe in. This is the reason for my blog’s title.

I started writing since 1996, and saved all what I’ve written on papers, then copied them on the laptop. I am addicted to writing, one of my dreams is to be a writer and a novelist, and expressing my thoughts and ideas, because of that when the world of blogging came on, I created my blog in 2008. In the beginning, I wrote down all my previous notes and writing, for sure after editing them, as we all know our first writings don’t fit with new vision and experiences we gain by years.

My blog is me, all about me! Here is my home, my world, my friend, the thing that I’ve created and give it birth. Here my own ideas, own thoughts, my way of seeing things and expressing them in words. My blog is the place where I talk about everything, either comforts or bothers me, its my way of thinking. On my blog I can voice happiness and sadness come across my daily life, defeats and victories.

This is ME, this is my blog “BISSAN”

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