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What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

What would be the surreal experience I’ve ever had?! When I thought first about the prompt, I wondered about my Life’s experiences and come to a conclusion that I have never experienced anything surreal. This was my first impression! But when I went back to memories, I said well, my life itself is a surreal one! I am a tactic person, I always put a plan for my future life, and every time I fail, haha. Yeah, my life today is the opposite of all what I had dreamed about before.

At school, I loved History course, my addiction to chalk, and making control on the students, all drive me to imagine myself as a history teacher in the future. At University, my revolutionary thoughts transferred my dreams to Political Science, I achieved nothing after one year. Back to history, I’ve finished my bachelor successfully, wished to have a doctorate degree in history, after diploma. Meanwhile, I thought that why don’t I send my C.V for schools to practice history teaching coinciding with my PHD studies! Till now I am seeking for a job and didn’t register in PHD degree because I got pessimistic of the whole matter.

Few months ago, I got work as a writer and editorial assistant in an electronic magazine, last month I quited, seeking to have a journalism bachelor! Will my dreams become real? I don’t know, what am sure of is that my whole life is a surreal experience!


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