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Reincarnation: Do I believe in it?

Reincarnation (song)

Reincarnation (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I read the daily prompt for today, the first response was like what can I write about this religious term. I know what reincarnation means, and I heard a lot about it from my colleges in university.

Several years ago, my colleague told me about her brother’s soul that it got reincarnated in their neighbor’s son. I forget what she have told me at that time, but as Droze they do believe in soul’s reincarnation in another one, I respect their thoughts, but I don’t have an opinion here except if I examine it closely!

Sometimes, I have visions for something is happening at time. When it happens, I recognize that I have seen this scene previously! I have tried many times to change a little bit in my response to see if the vision continue as I saw it a time ago!

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