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Right to Health: Govermental Sector

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

I believe in my country, where poverty is dominate, people are in need for governmental sector to take the responsibility for  medical care. As you know, poor people can’t handle the high costs of treatment that private medical centers oblige people to pay.

Government is the authorized sector that have to take action in this case, and have the responsibility to monitor hospitalities if they are responding to government’s calls. Another thing that offering medical care is the duty of the state.

Private sector, on the other hand, don’t care for people’s health, or treatment, what do they care about is their interests which is almost about money, regardless of poverty.

This is my opinion! If you like to participate, go to this Daily Prompt: Right to Health

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