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Weekly Writing Challenge: Paperback in Hand

Now, this is my lovely subject. My relationship with books started early, maybe since I was at school. I still remember English class when the teacher chooses a specific philosopher or writer in order to discuss his novels and books. Shakespeare, the well known author of several plays such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, etc… was the most read writer that I’ve studied in school. I think the pleasure in reading paperback books started from there.

Our home was always full of books, under all categories; novels, politics, poetry, memoirs, and so on. For that reason, I’ve been used to paperbacks, and a special relationship began with the smell of the paperback books, their touch, and the rustle sound of the papers. My greatest joy when I see a book, a real book! Paperback gives me the opportunity to highlight my favorite quotes, hold the book whenever I go, e books don’t offer me this helpful possibility.

Unfortunately, the fact that big Libraries or Bookstores don’t exist in my near region, forced me to download books from the Internet. Still, I repair to buy paperback books that mean a lot for me, I have all paperback copies for my favorite writers. Every year on December, I attend the yearly book fair in Beirut, so I can have my own copy, and sometimes the writer’s signature.

If you want to choose: what version of books do you prefer for reading?

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