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Daily Prompt: Writing room






My house have a big garden full of flowers and trees. My writing and reading room that I stay at is faced by the garden. Every morning I prepare a cup of milk, set it on a table located behind my chair where I set. Usually I set on my own room, white colored, bookshelves take place around the room walls. The scanner and printer take place near the big desk that I use for writing. The wood burner fireplace is located inside the wall of the room.


When reading a book, I like to have a widely scene so that I can imagine myself in the story I am reading. Evey time while reading I try to see the characters as if the story is happening nowhere. Sometimes I see myself in the scene.


As for writing, despite reading atmosphere, I prefer calm and silence so that I can focus on my ideas. I tried once to write in front my parents, the draft was funny! All my writings are drafted before published, either on my laptop or directly in my blog. The laptop is put on a comfortable desk, with papers, pens, attachments, and markers.


Daily Prompt: Writing Room, My Virtual Room



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