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Think global, act local about Traffic

traffic on the corniche

traffic on the corniche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Think global, act local.”

When I read the phrase, the idea of regulating traffic in Lebanon, comes to my mind immediately! As we know in every country there is an arrangement system  for dealing with traffic that is caused by the non respect of the drivers to the law. Unfortunately, here in Lebanon, every single member in the family owns car , which naturally causes traffic when they all go out for work or university.

On the road, every driver wants to arrive to his aim as fast as he could. So, no one bear with the huge number of cars crossing, and they begin to cross each other’s cars, which causes traffic. This is not the only problem! When the licenses are given at random, unfortunately, the ethics of driving will not be respected, and we will all stuck in traffic!

When we visited Italy last summer, we were influenced by the organization of driving, every one respects laws, waiting for others, and respecting the law of passing, even if it’s a dog!

How could we Lebanese People deal with this situation? That’s the point!

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