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Introducing Flangiprop!

Today, I’ll introduce you “Flangiprop”. People are wondering about the new invention, me too I have never seen it, but after my friend told me about, I decided to buy it.

According to my friend’s description this tool is a very useful way to read a book when you are stuck in a traffic or having a long travel in bus, train, or even your own car.

After now you don’t have to worry about holding a big book in your hand all the way, just pull the flangiprop from your bag, and start reading! Yes, its very tight, never affected by circumstances, either speed or crash (God bless you all).

OK, thats the new invention “flangiprop“, hope you liked it… For me I am so enthusiastic to buy it as soon as possible.

Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! Or did they mean Flangeprop?

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