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Love and Lose

This post will be double, cause I’ve been late to talk about what LOVE means to me in a picture, I was just trying to make the most perfect capture that I can say “That’s exactly what am talking about”! Finally I did it… Here is a picture that means love to me, simply a Book!

books mean love for me

books mean love for me

As for the daily prompt: Burnt, Yeah! I forget a very important item, its my photo albums. My mother captured me hundreds photos since I was born, in all circumstances, when I am sleeping, awaking, smiling, playing, etc… I have photos for all ages, actually I continued photographing myself by my own when there is no one to take the mission 🙂

My shelves, unfortunately, will be burnt too, my favorite books that I willed to buy because these copies mean a lot for me.

The scanner, the printer, all my printed documents that I’ve been working on and saving them, will be lost too!

I think these are the stuff that I’ll be sad that I lost them in the firing…

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