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Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details

Have desk, will write

Have desk, will write (Photo credit: Bright Meadow)

As for this week writing challenge: the devil is in the details, I’ll tell you about my writing space. I spend several hours working and surfing the net as an editorial assistant and writer @ skoun.net which is a cultural and social online magazine. Because of that I need a comfortable place to work on, my favorite place is my bed room.

My bed room is on the second floor in our two storeys home, it’s somehow far away from disturbance or noises, except in summer when schools are closed and the children of neighborhood playing all day under my room’s window! Maybe I didn’t mention that we live in a village in south Lebanon.

I write at anytime when the revelation arrives! But most of my concentrating periods are after 12:00 A.M when the electricity is off, I can’t realize this matter, but its real. My laptop in front of me on a desk facing the TV and my library,  where my lovely books stand. The TV is always turned on even when am writing, mbc2 and mbc max are my favorite movie channels. On my desk, in addition to the laptop, the phone and the galaxy tab, papers booklet and variety of pens, pencils, markers, document files for my printings, a printer, a bottle of water, and some books I haven’t finished reading yet.

English: Untidy Desk

English: Untidy Desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details

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